METU - TAF Modeling and Simulation R&D Center

Distributed Sensor Networks and Data Fusion Laboratory

The hardwares and softwares available in this laboratory:

Wireless Sensor Network

A system that was set up with following devices is going to be used on the purpose of doing research on  sensor networks and sensor network applications:


  • A professional laboratory kit which consists of a sensor, a master station, a processor/radio card,a  data recovery card and a USB programming card.
  • A sensor card that can measure light, temperature, humidity and pressure and identify earthquake activities and location information. 
  • A sensor card that can measure light, temperature, reverberation, sound, dual speed and magnetic moment.
  • A sensor card that can measure light, temperature, reverberation and sound.
  • A multimedia sensor card that can capture sound, image and video and play sound.
  • Wireless sensor platforms.
  • A sensor interface
  • Debug cards
  • Sensor platforms that consist of a light, humidity and temperature sensor kit.


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