METU - TAF Modeling and Simulation R&D Center

Modeling and Simulation of Land-Land Battles (KAMMOS 1)

Kammos is a 2-stage project that was developed to make contribution to Land Forces Commandership Weapon and Munition Planning Project of Turkish Land Forces. Its aim is to make a realistic plan for land-land operations.


With this simulation, how many of existing ally (blue) forces are going to be used to be able to damage enemy(red) forces within intended time and with intended strength can be determined according to the battle scenarios. In every stage of the battle, blue units are allocated to red units and these allocations are tested for satisfying defined aims.



KAMMOS 1 Relations between stages


Project Team and Studies:
- 2 instructors, 4 research assistants
- May 2000-April 2001
- Realistic and threat-oriented munition planning
- Analysis of land-land battles stage by stage
- In every stage:

-Target allocation
-Lanchester damage model
-Target allocation coefficient update
-Dynamic gun efficiency coefficients
-Dynamic factors:
*Controllable: reinforcement, regeneration etc.
*Not controllable: weather conditions, land conditions etc.