METU - TAF Modeling and Simulation R&D Center

Modeling and Simulation of Land-Land Battles (KAMMOS 2)

Munition Planning Project Intended for Threat (KAMMOS 2) was developed to make contribution to Land Forces Commandership Weapon and Munition Planning Project of Turkish Land Forces. In this project, to determine the weapon and munition needs that will be used in Land-Land battles of Land Forces Commandership, the battles of ally forces under the defined tactic level land-land battle scenarios are modelled and simulated by considering the quality and quantity of thread risks. As a result, in addition to determining optimal ally force structure (weapon + munition), munition consumption can be calculated.

Project Team and Studies:
- 3 instructors, 5 Research assistants
- March 2004-June 2005
- Follow up to KAMMOS 1
- Realistic weapon and munition planning for Land-Land battles
- An original planning methodology
- The update of static weapon munition values
- Evaluation of control parameters 
- Through decision-support system:
*Development and preservation of scenarios
*Storage of scenario reports