METU - TAF Modeling and Simulation R&D Center

Tactical Battlefield Support System (TODES)

TODES project  is a feasibility study developed by STM A.Ş., AnelARGE and METU-TAF MODSİMMER for Undersecretariat for Defence Industries. After a 6 months work, the project had been completed in November, 2012. It is follow up to ISSDN project. Its aim is to create common situational awareness, which is one of the main principles of network enabled capability, among tactical area level and command and control center by using mobile technologies. As a result of MODSİMMER's proposal, en example of live-virtual-constructive simulation was produced at the end of the project. 

MODSİMMER contributed to TODES project with 4 instructors and 6 research assistants. Within TODES project, MODSİMMER carried out 2 work packages that involve visualizing and reviewing. As part of reviewing work package, draft feasibility report, final feasibility report, system test plan, system test definitions document, and use case document were reviewed. Within the visualizing work package, the visualization environment that was built in ISSDN project was improved and High Resolution Visualizing Laboratory was enhanced by installing software and hardware tools that were purchased for TODES project.

Output of the project, TODES product, is still installed in METU-TAF MODSİMMER and it is available for research and development activities.

Project Team and Studies:

- 4 instructors, 6 research assistant s
- April 2012 - November 2012  
Visualization work package, review work package

A screenshot from TODES